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28 сентября, 2020 51
SAME TRAINING - SAME EXPERIENCED LECTURER - JUST NEW AND MORE CONVENIENT DELIVERY METHOD. Valves perform extraordinarily varied and vital roles in the control and containment of fluids in modern industry and society. This 4-part comprehensive training course will cover issues relating to materials, performance, safety and the environment.
· Tuesday, 29th September 2020: 10am - 12 Noon
· Thursday, 1st October 2020: 2pm - 4pm
· Tuesday, 6th October 2020: 1pm - 3pm
· Thursday, 8th October 2020: 10am - 12
Noon 460.00 +vat *BVAA members will receive a 50% rebate upon completion of the course Each session is C.2 hours long with Q&A. Sign-up for this 4-part training series to gain a deeper understanding of valves. Contact us today for more information or to book today. Your Presenter: Peter Dix CEng MIMechE, Technical Consultant to UK Valve Industry.
REGISTER NOW: Telephone: 01295 221 270 : Email: karen@bvaa.org.uk
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